First I would like to thank to Hyperion University for inviting me to the 4th edition of ENEC (2011). I attended it from the first minute until the last. The best I can describe it will be less than it was. A feast of scientific research and exchange from Aveiro, Loughborough, Odessa, Joensuu, Vienna, Hyperion University and other research Centers from Romania and Europe.

Every paper and scientific report was so unique that I can not make one synthetic review, thus, I will write about each paper few words paying tribute to the specificity of their aim.

ENEC 2011, Insight I

An Econophysics Model for the Migration Phenomena

Research done by Anca Gheorghiu and Ion Spanulescu, from Hyperion University.

In bref, the Migration phenomena taken and analyzed not from a sociological or a political lamentig approach but in a scientific manner, in the mirror of the electrostatic model. The main question of the research was leading to the ideea that we are living the change of paradigm regarding the migration phenomena.

The presentation lead the participants from the classical model [people migrating from poor to reach areas] through a labirint of factors and data analyzing the dinamics of increasing or diminishing gold reserves, shortenning distances between power poles through internet, considering the dynamics of instant financial exchanges and commodities delays. The research is mostly about the redefinition of pushing and pooling forces in the new reality along the crisis that begun in 2008.

It was quite interesting to hear that the countries that have economic maturity diminished their gold reserves, the emerging ones incereased gold reserves … and it has something to do with the number of internet users and the development of new communication ways.

Also was indeed interesting to hear what and how purchasing power has to do with the dynamics of migration and how it determines changes into the paradigm of migration.

I will stop here so to leave to you the pleasure to discover yourself the study that will be soon published by Hyperion University. Yet, before ending this article I will quote from Profesor Dr. Anca Gheorghiu who during the dabate said: „See, Romania is in crisis and recession without having an economic crisis. We can not step outside of recession because we do not have the necessary human resources. We expect the development of informatization in order to compensate the migration of human resources from Romania”.

Tomorow continuation with:

ENEC 2011 – Insight II

Industrial Problems of Technical Electrodynamics and Analysis of the Inverse Matrix Operator Existence for the „Symetrical” Differential Maxwell System

Research done by Irina Dmitrieva, Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Odessa

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